halliday results are in!

August 08, 2019

halliday results are in!

James Halliday's 2020 Wine Companion

Lake Breeze has been selected in James Halliday's 'Top 10 Best Value Wineries'. And to top that off, we've received some great scores!

Arthur's Reserve 2016  |  97 pts

Winemaker's Selection Shiraz 2016   |   95 pts

Section 54 Shiraz 2017  |  95 pts

Cabernet Sauvignon 2017  |  94 pts

"Since this award was instituted, there was often a single winery that stood out beyond all others, making the decision easy. It was exactly the opposite this year, with three wineries having nothing between them, and others that just failed to make the 10."

Lake Breeze Wines
Fourteen wines submitted, 11 with value rosettes. It did well at the top end, with all but one in the rosette mix, and 100% for the wines rated at 90 to 94 points. Langhorne Creek has a perfect climate for shiraz and cabernet sauvignon, and was the making of Wolf Blass.