The Fine Print

Returns and/or refunds
Lake Breeze Wines will happily exchange or refund any product that proves defective. Our refund policy does not cover changes of mind, so please choose carefully.
Items are returnable at your own cost to: Lake Breeze Wines, Step Road, Langhorne Creek, SA 5255

Delivery policy
Upon receipt of your order, we will arrange for your wine to be sent to you via Australia Post. The service is very efficient and reliable.

As liquor will not be delivered to unattended premises if you are not available when delivery is attempted, a card will be placed in your letterbox and the wine will be kept at your local post office, where it will be kept safe and sound until you are able to collect it (it will be held for a maximum of 14 days).

Delivery times will vary depending on your delivery address. As a guide, it will take about 7-10 days in most parts of Australia. At any time if you are concerned about your delivery please contact us.

Delivery costs are:
$15 for delivery of 6-12 bottles (half doz - 1 doz)
$20 for delivery of 13-24 bottles (2 doz)
Free delivery for orders over 3 dozen

International orders
Regrettably, we are not able to send wine to international destinations. This facility can only handle orders within Australia.

Please email us at with any queries.

Charging information
We accept payments by Visa and Mastercard.

Payment Facility
This facility is only used for wine purchases, accommodation, merchandise, events or vouchers.

Security of credit card information
We do not store any credit card numbers for any payment made through this web site. The real time eCommerce system allows us to accept a card number, process it, and record only the details of the transaction (success or failure, amount), never the card number. If you at any time believe that your credit card number or transaction has been compromised in any way, please notify us immediately.

Industry standard 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) is utilised for transaction submission to the gateway. From there the data is encrypted using 1024-bit RT4 for key exchange and 3DES (triple 56-bit keys) for transaction submission through to the Australian banking network over SSL once again.

All prices shown on this site are in AUD$ [Australian Dollars]

ABN  72 079 222 576

Liquor Licence 5760 1386