old vine grenache

March 28, 2024

old vine grenache

It is always good to gather the family and hand pick our old grenache block.

There’s something really special about harvesting fruit that your great grandfather and great uncles planted and toiled over generations ago by hand. As we work our way down each row hand picking generous bunches of grenache, you can't help but imagine our forefathers doing precisely the same thing 90 years ago.

We are merely custodians of this special parcel of land, nestled in close to the unassuming Bremer River and lined with imposing river red gums that have been here long before us.

From here, we hand craft a our 2024 'Old Vine Grenache' wine into bottle, to be released later this year and enjoyed over the next several years.

This is undisputedly a wine of provenance ... as are all our wines.