off the duck's back

June 20, 2017

off the duck's back

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In what has a real déjà vu feel about it, I am at breakfast in a Brisbane hotel attempting to write something creative for the newsletter. Sitting here, it occurs to me that basically every other person is on a lap top. Call me old school, but I am using the good old pen and paper and will allow Robyn to decipher my messy scribble, with severe editing before this makes it to print! All of my winery records are still written by hand which is far easier considering the forklift is my office during vintage.

Sometimes it takes a trip away to the big smoke to get your thoughts together and catch up on sleep. As I reflect on vintage, as challenging as it was this year, it definitely is the time of year I enjoy the most.

The years work in the vineyard culminates with vintage and the pressure is on big time. However, that is when the adrenalin pumps and you feel most alive.

A visit to Brisbane or any city around the country, or world for that matter, is always fun and necessary to help with sales.

I have been visiting restaurants and wine stores over a few days and it is actually a great opportunity to look at my wines with a critical eye whilst getting feedback from sommeliers and the trade in general.

The line up of 2014 reds were showing brilliantly, all the way from the Bullants through to the reserves. The feedback has been excellent, with a common observation being, "how can you do this quality at such a great price?"
It is nice to get the ego stroked occasionally because I know as soon as I get home I’ll be brought back down to earth very quickly!

The best part of a trip away, however, is coming home. I am a country boy and am so fortunate to live where I do. (I hope this isn’t sounding too much like a Qantas ad!)

Greg Follett
Winemaker/Lab Technician