vintage report

June 08, 2021

vintage report

The 2021 vintage is certainly looking exceptional at this point in time. The season weatherwise, was close to ideal and crop levels were slightly above average, which was a god send after the last two low yielding vintages.

A mild and dry February/March/April was perfect to ensure full ripeness with good acidity and great flavour development.

About the only downside was a heat event in January which reduced our malbec crop significantly, fortunately the wine looks awesome, there’s just not much to go around.

The first white grapes actually came off in early February and harvest was evenly paced from there on. Our busiest period was around Easter (the grapes don’t recognise public holidays!) and we were able to get a post vintage golf day in before the end of April.

It’s one of those great years where all the varieties performed well, without any weak links in the vineyard at all. Now it’s up to the winemaker to not stuff it up!

Greg Follett, Winemaker