Ken and Marlene Follett

Ken, a third generation vigneron on the property, was born and raised at 'Fairholme', the adjoining property to the winery. Ken has always been a strong believer in the quality of Langhorne Creek fruit and displeased about the lack of recognition for the region, embarked on making wine.

It was Ken and Marlene's foresight in the mid 1980's to have a small amount of their Cabernet Sauvignon held aside to produce under their own wine label, this was the birth of 'Lake Breeze'.

Grape growing and dairy farming had been successfully combined for over 100 years on the property, however the growth of the winery saw the dispersal of the Illawarra cattle herd in the early 1990's and the end of milking for Ken and the boys.
Some may say this gave Ken more time to concentrate on his sporting pursuits! A large part of Ken's life revolves around the local football and tennis club - he works tirelessly for the community.

Marlene is certainly the matriach of the family - she holds the whole show together!
Marlene is amazing support for all around her. She still looks after her boys, with a kitchen table full of hungry blokes most days and provides us with lovely warm scones at morning tea. This may be where the nick-name 'Naughty Nanny' was coined.
They say behind every great man there is an even greater woman [or an exhausted one!].