Langhorne Creek

Langhorne Creek is one of Australia's oldest wine grape districts. Vineyards were first planted in the 1860's at Langhorne Creek on the banks of the Bremer River. The region rests between the Adelaide Hills and Lake Alexandrina, only a one hour drive from Adelaide.

Langhorne Creek is renowned for its full bodied red wines, the grapes have an intense quality due to the location and unique natural influences. Cool afternoon breezes from Lake Alexandrina help to create a surprisingly cool climate, which allows for a longer, more even ripening period. This is coupled with deep, rich alluvial soil, which is deposited by the unique annual flooding of the Bremer River make for an ideal environment for wine production.

Langhorne Creek has always been a grape growing district with a group of old families who have been producing grapes for generations on the Bremer's edge. It wasn't until the 1990's that the district experienced rapid expansion.

There were fewer than 1,100 acres of established vines in 1991, which today has grown to more than 12,000 acres. Expansion from these humble beginnings has been possible due to the utilisation of the nearby Lake Alexandrina and its fresh water.

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