Winery & Vineyard

Chad Rothe
Chad's position is at the head of the morning tea table! Chad is a barrel-filling, fork lifting and snap-chatting cellar hand. Not all year is spent in the winery, he gets the opportunity to hand prune come mid-winter in icy conditions, much to his liking.

Jedd Rothe
The most recent Rothe addition and cousin of Chad.  Jedd has four older siblings, so has had to make a lot of noise to be heard.  Things aren't much different at Lake Breeze!!  Jedd is always on the ball when it comes to taking photos of amazing sunrises and things happening in the vineyard.

Chris Mugford
Chris has extensive experience in the vineyard and broad acre farming ... and even in olive groves!  Another keen photographer he always happens to come across the lizards and helpful critters in the vineyard.