stranger than fiction

June 10, 2020

stranger than fiction

If I wrote six months ago that Mum and Dad were ‘self-isolating’, whilst Robyn and I were ‘social distancing’ to help ‘flatten the curve’, you would have thought I was madder than a cut snake.

Yet, here we are, vintage has come and gone with winter now well and truly upon us.

There has been plenty of activity at the winery during our forced cellar door closure, with construction of our new function centre beginning in February.
More people working from home has fortunately given us a spike in online and mail orders sales which has kept Robyn super busy. However, we are thrilled to be finally re-opening cellar door and the restaurant in time for the June long weekend.

In other exciting news, we are unveiling a newly updated label for our Bernoota and Cabernet, with the Lake Breeze duck getting a long overdue make-over. We love the beautiful clean look and textured paper and hope you do as well.

Unfortunately, the Langhorne Creek Wine Show could not be held earlier this year, so we can still proudly claim to be the reigning Champion Trophy winner. I can’t help but chuckle at the comparison with Tom Gleeson who will reign as the gold Logie winner for another year. (I may not be bald, but I am very funny.)

We hope you and your family have not been dramatically affected during the unprecedented time and have still found the need for the odd bottle of good Aussie wine.

Greg Follett 

photo |  John Kruger Photography