vintage report

June 09, 2023

vintage report

My first vintage at Lake Breeze was in 1992 and since that time Mother Nature has thrown us her fair share of obstacles.

The 2023 vintage will go down as not only one of the latest on record, but also one of the weirdest. I’ve never spent as much time on my phone looking at weather apps as I have this vintage.

A third La Niña event in a row made for a much cooler and wetter spring followed by a cool summer and autumn with small rain events that certainly kept us on our toes.

Fortunately, we dodged some of the bigger rain events and whilst the weather made for some stressful and bloody busy periods, we were able to harvest everything when flavour ripe and the wines are looking exciting.

The average crop levels coupled with a long slow ripening have produced wines that are super aromatic and bursting with flavour.

vintage 2023 lake breeze wines

My son, Tom joined us for vintage after finishing his university degree and did a great job. However, it was fairly obvious that he would have preferred to be in the great outdoors rather than cooped up washing barrels, presses and crushers.

Unfortunately, towards the end of vintage he suffered a concussion at football, and I had to bring in the ‘medi-sub’ Jedd from the vineyard. He has been a valuable asset, but little did he know two weeks in the winery would turn into six, with our cellar hand of 15 years, Chad on paternity leave. He and his wife Louise have welcomed a son, Henry, into the world - a baby brother for Esther.

Greg Follett, Winemaker

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