vintage 2024

February 21, 2024

vintage 2024

Vintage is off to a text book start. 

We have been harvesting our chardonnay in the cool of the night last Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights. After being pressed, it is now in French oak barrels where it will undergo natural fermentation.

We are really pleased to say we have a considerably heavier crop of pecorino this year.  After last years tiny, first crop, it's heartening to know we will be able to produce more this year to have available at cellar door.  It's likely we will pick the pecorino early next week.

The white frontignac won't be far behind, for our Moscato.  The reds are still a couple of weeks off.

We have Tas Follett as our vintage cellar hand again this year. Living next door and having spent a few vintages with us, he knows the ropes and pretty much does everything Greg says without argument!!

We're looking forward to vintage getting busier and to bringing our fruit safely in the winery to ferment.  Bring on vintage 2024!

lake breeze wines chardonnay  tas follett

L-R: Chardonnay tipped straight into the press + cellar hand, Tas.

Thanks to Chad for taking these shots for me ... I was home fast asleep!! 

Cheers, Robyn.